Just One Week Left …

… until YORK closes at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art. It’s amazing how fast the weeks have flown by – it certainly doesn’t feel like a month since we were installing the work at the gallery! So – if you’re in Kelowna in the coming week, drop in and see YORK, and say hello… Read More


  He makes it look easy. Oh, it’s not. I am smitten with the meditative and performative quality of this type of work. When I make work like this – site based, body based, working with natural materials – I feel most at home in my skin. As an artist especially. Thanks for the reminder,… Read More

Ice Ice Baby

I’ve been doing some travelling recently, in and out of other parts of the country – and in and out of winter (and spring) along with the shift in landscape and time zones. But wherever I’ve gone, there’s been ice, in all it’s beautiful, slippery, dangerous glory. Slick sidewalks, crusted roads, feather-frosted puddles and windows,… Read More


This morning offered a landscape rimed with frost. The mundane and usually overlooked things that surround us, flung into high relief, augmented. A moment in which things as they are become something more  – at least for a little while. Warm enough (just) for pulling gloves off, grabbing the phone and capturing a moment or two. Those chance… Read More

Spring Signs

It seems growth and change are afoot in almost every way imaginable. Last night, the province in which I live held a remarkable election, with results that have transformed the political landscape here – and certainly made history. A blast of fresh Spring air in this place. I’ve been back for a couple of weeks… Read More


The weather offered some lovely reminders yesterday morning that this has been a rather humid winter for my part of the world so far. Having spent the last three weeks + feeling like I was running all the time, these frosty feathers were a perfect reminder to me of the importance of paying attention to… Read More

Wanted: A Voice of Reason

I woke up this morning to a text from my daughter. Her place of work was in lockdown because someone had spotted a man in black combats, with an earpiece, carrying what appeared to be a rifle wrapped in black fabric. This, on the heels of what are being described as two other ‘terrorist’ attacks… Read More

Under Construction ….

  Since we got back from points East, I don’t really feel like my feet have touched the ground. A series of shifts, of changes and new developments – one after the other – and of course, the work of getting settled back in. Ordinarily, routine helps immensely with the process of readjustment. But this… Read More

Place, and Change, and History …

The idea of ‘place’ and its meaning is a recurring thread in my work. This preoccupation seems particularly apt at this point in my life, as I am really ‘betwixt and between’ in many ways: some projects have concluded, others are taking shape; I am revisiting the NEST work, and preparing for a new exhibition;… Read More