New Territories … It’s Summer!

There’s so much going on in YEG in the summer months, it’s tough to keep up, let alone take part in as much as one would like. It’s something I love about this place – we take our investment in the brief summer seriously! Full-on, all-the-stops-out, all the things all the time! So … a couple… Read More

Spring Signs

It seems growth and change are afoot in almost every way imaginable. Last night, the province in which I live held a remarkable election, with results that have transformed the political landscape here – and certainly made history. A blast of fresh Spring air in this place. I’ve been back for a couple of weeks… Read More

Some thoughts on Art Education

I wanted to take a moment to pass on some thoughts from a colleague of mine – Stacey Cann – who is a tireless advocate for the importance of art education. Stacey has been a driving force at Harcourt House Artist-Run Centre for a number of years now, and has developed some great art-ed programs there,… Read More

August Art Bus, and 501 Member’s Show

It’s been a terrifically busy time these last few weeks! Marian and I have been doing several interviews about YORK and putting together exhibition proposals for that project, and I’ve been getting ready for some extended travel – packing up work and supplies and all the other things I’ll need for the next few months,… Read More

The Art Bus, and Printmaking … with road repair equipment!

Spent a lovely Saturday afternoon on the Art Bus Tour! It was great to see such a range of work in one afternoon – print media at SNAP, the Member’s Show and “Naked” Show (figurative works) at Harcourt House, then down the highway to Sherwood Park, and finally back to SNAP for some festivities …… Read More

Hop on the Magic (ART) bus!

One of the many things I like about the creative community in Edmonton is that when people see a need for something, they make it happen. This event is a perfect example of that ‘make it happen’ attitude: an Art Bus Tour! Harcourt House is coordinating the booking of seats for this event, and as… Read More

Back from CARFAC, and slowly catching up …

Had a fantastic time at the CARFAC Conference! Lots of thought-provoking discussion, stimulating  sessions, an opportunity to see and speak with people from across the country that I haven’t seen for at least a year. The weekend left me full of ideas and feeling quite inspired. I think that’s one of the most vital things… Read More

Flying Away with the Nests Soon …

Seems the New Year is well and truly upon me, and has reminded me in no uncertain terms that There Are Things To Be Done! The long silence here is due to many things afoot in the studio and elsewhere of late … not the least of which are preparations for an upcoming exhibition in… Read More