Ice Ice Baby

I’ve been doing some travelling recently, in and out of other parts of the country – and in and out of winter (and spring) along with the shift in landscape and time zones.

But wherever I’ve gone, there’s been ice, in all it’s beautiful, slippery, dangerous glory. Slick sidewalks, crusted roads, feather-frosted puddles and windows, shards and chunks in bodies of water. Yes, there’s water moving, to be sure, but its colour alone speaks volumes about how close in temperature it is to the ice floating in it, surrounding it, still covering most of it as it rushes underneath.

All this frozen stuff has made me want to retreat – to hibernate (again) – keep under the covers, wait for the sun to (finally) warm things into liquid, into spring, into green and growing. But I’ve also been drawn to it. To what it leaves unsaid, to its potential.

Under that veneer, it’s so very alive.

Of course I know that rationally  – but it’s easy to forget this time of year, when the grip of cold air and random storms serve as continual reminders that not yet is the refrain when we ask for the next, warmer season to begin in earnest.

And then I came across this, and understood why ice fascinates me as much as want it al to melt – I want to see this in person one day – to experience seeing that still surface reveal whats really going on … always only change.

One thought on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. I like your phrase: ‘always only change..’ During the winter, I often feel the same as the surrounding landscape: closed-down, stiff and unproductive outwardly, but inside I am seething with strange movement and shifts that I don’t understand at all, but are very important for sure. This year has been strange, however – months of rain, rain, rain, and relatively warm – and spring flowers popping up all over the place at the ‘wrong’ time. Now, it is much colder. Dry and sunny today.

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