Drawing Lesson

I am not usually one to share ‘inspirational’ talks or pithy quotes. To be honest, most of that kind of thing leaves me flat – sorry if that seems cynical or jaded, but there’s a tendency toward the superficial ‘instafix’ in this culture that is served by this material. However – I have also been… Read More

Just a very few more days …

… and Chaotic Bodies will close at Spazio Performativo. Amazing how fast the month has gone by – I’ve been too buried in the never-ending-cold-that-should-be-spring here to actually grasp that time is really passing quite quickly, and we are over 1/4 of the way through the year. It has been a great experience re-working this… Read More

Movement and Attraction

I have been thinking about a series of related concepts/ideas in the last little while … having the luxury of a little time to allow things to percolate through my brain, see where they take me. The swirl of idea(l)s has caught me up in the last 48 hours, and has insinuated itself in the… Read More

A thought …

… that I came across today. A quote, actually, from Martin Creed, that sums up some of the ideas that have been rolling around in my head for a while now. On a more literal level, working some of this out through the creation of the original Boundary|Time|Surface installation in 2014, and in other ways… Read More


This morning offered a landscape rimed with frost. The mundane and usually overlooked things that surround us, flung into high relief, augmented. A moment in which things as they are become something more  – at least for a little while. Warm enough (just) for pulling gloves off, grabbing the phone and capturing a moment or two. Those chance… Read More

Exhibition Tour

Elsewhere has been and gone … took down the exhibition this past Monday. How the time flies past … it seems yesterday (and a long time ago) all at once, that I was preparing and packing the work for this show. It was a great space to work in, and we had fabulous support from… Read More

Elsewhere …

A thoroughly apropos title. After the busy-ness of getting the work up for exhibition, and then the opening reception on the 9th, I thought life was going to slow a little bit. Not so. I have been elsewhere (metaphorically) – catching up on all sorts of things that needed attending to. Amongst those ‘to-do’ list… Read More