Artist Statement

I am captivated by the slippery relationships between competing cultural discourses, and the ways in which individuals negotiate their understanding of identity and memory in relation to place, objects, and history. We construct realities and identities for ourselves and others; what is left out is as important as what is chosen; what is chosen changes over time.

The conceptual focus of my practice has its roots in literary theories of subjectivity, feminist discourse, and phenomenology. My way of art-making privileges gaps, what’s left unsaid, edits, and speculative positions. These spaces house potential: for new meanings, for critique, for transgression. In considering these spaces, I strive to make work that incorporates indeterminacy and process.

I have created bodies of work exploring loss, grief, and identity (Nest, Elsewhere), the arbitrariness of human-defined boundaries (Boundary|Time|Surface, Archives of Absence), the connections between home and place (Make=Believe, York, and York:Moments), and the connection between landscape/site and scales of time & memory (Fault/Line, Boundary|Time|Surface, Macromareal). I use a multidisciplinary approach in my practice, including photography, drawing, printmaking, installation, video, and ephemeral sculpture. These tools allow for ‘hands-on’ reassembly and questioning of relationships, and a variety of means to reflect upon the construction and interpretation of lived experience.

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