Some thoughts on Art Education

I wanted to take a moment to pass on some thoughts from a colleague of mine – Stacey Cann – who is a tireless advocate for the importance of art education. Stacey has been a driving force at Harcourt House Artist-Run Centre for a number of years now, and has developed some great art-ed programs there, including the Art Bus Tours, which are beginning right away. (yes, this is a very broad hint to check it out!)


Here’s a great guest article Stacey recently wrote for the blog Prairie Seen; I think it touches on a number of really important ideas with respect to the impact of art education in society as a whole.  Most pertinent (to my mind anyway) is Stacey’s observations regarding the impact of art education on practising artists: the didactic information supplied in galleries, the endless (and sometimes endlessly obscure) artist statements provided at exhibitions and elsewhere, and many more … in short, the role of art education in situating the work artists do.

Some great food for thought here – I’d love to hear your comments  the ideas she presents.



August Art Bus, and 501 Member’s Show

It’s been a terrifically busy time these last few weeks!

Marian and I have been doing several interviews about YORK and putting together exhibition proposals for that project, and I’ve been getting ready for some extended travel – packing up work and supplies and all the other things I’ll need for the next few months, which I will be spending in Halifax NS.

But, before I get on that plane and head East, there’s the Art Bus Tour, and the Member’s Show at Gallery @ 501 in Sherwood Park!


This month’s version of the Art Bus Tour travels to FIVE galleries:  In one afternoon we will visit Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, Visual Arts Alberta/ CARFAC, the Alberta Craft Council, Latitude 53, and Gallery @ 501.

The Tour Runs 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM, and pickup locations are Gallery @ 501 in Sherwood Park and Harcourt House Artist Run Centre in Edmonton. Details in the poster below:


I am really happy to be going on this month’s tour for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it will be a great break from the packing and organizing I’ve been doing for days now!!

Since we are stopping in at Latitude 53, I will also be giving a very informal ‘mini-talk’ about YORK for the group on the tour. Should be fun!

There’s also going to be a button-making workshop at Visual Arts Alberta/CARFAC, which should be a blast … AND … we’ll also be seeing the Member’s Show at Gallery @ 501!


I have a piece in this show as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing the range of work in this exhibition – it’s the very first Member’s Show for this gallery, so it’s a community milestone!

I wish you all a great weekend – and I hope you get to see lots of art you love!

Hop on the Magic (ART) bus!

One of the many things I like about the creative community in Edmonton is that when people see a need for something, they make it happen.

This event is a perfect example of that ‘make it happen’ attitude: an Art Bus Tour!


Harcourt House is coordinating the booking of seats for this event, and as you can see from the poster above, the tour will take participants to the exhibitions at Harcourt House, SNAP, and Gallery@ 501 in Sherwood Park.

Harcourt House will have its annual Member’s Show up, in celebration of the Centre’s 25th year of operations:


More information on Kinetic can be found HERE.

Gallery at 501 will have a brand new exhibition of work from Sean Caulfield and Royden Mills:


AND …  the tour will finish up at SNAP, and their Block Party fundraising event:


More info on the event at SNAP can be found HERE.

I think this is a great idea – we’ve got some great exhibition spaces in the Edmonton Region, but it’s tough for people to get to all the galleries without a car (insert my plug for an extensive regional train or light rail transit system here!!).

SO … come get on the ART BUS!  Hope to see you there!