Hop on the Magic (ART) bus!

One of the many things I like about the creative community in Edmonton is that when people see a need for something, they make it happen.

This event is a perfect example of that ‘make it happen’ attitude: an Art Bus Tour!


Harcourt House is coordinating the booking of seats for this event, and as you can see from the poster above, the tour will take participants to the exhibitions at Harcourt House, SNAP, and Gallery@ 501 in Sherwood Park.

Harcourt House will have its annual Member’s Show up, in celebration of the Centre’s 25th year of operations:


More information on Kinetic can be found HERE.

Gallery at 501 will have a brand new exhibition of work from Sean Caulfield and Royden Mills:


AND …  the tour will finish up at SNAP, and their Block Party fundraising event:


More info on the event at SNAP can be found HERE.

I think this is a great idea – we’ve got some great exhibition spaces in the Edmonton Region, but it’s tough for people to get to all the galleries without a car (insert my plug for an extensive regional train or light rail transit system here!!).

SO … come get on the ART BUS!  Hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Hop on the Magic (ART) bus!

    • It is – and the first tour was really fun! Quite the success given it was the first time. Looking forward to the second one in July!

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