Some thoughts on Art Education

I wanted to take a moment to pass on some thoughts from a colleague of mine – Stacey Cann – who is a tireless advocate for the importance of art education. Stacey has been a driving force at Harcourt House Artist-Run Centre for a number of years now, and has developed some great art-ed programs there, including the Art Bus Tours, which are beginning right away. (yes, this is a very broad hint to check it out!)


Here’s a great guest article Stacey recently wrote for the blog Prairie Seen; I think it touches on a number of really important ideas with respect to the impact of art education in society as a whole.  Most pertinent (to my mind anyway) is Stacey’s observations regarding the impact of art education on practising artists: the didactic information supplied in galleries, the endless (and sometimes endlessly obscure) artist statements provided at exhibitions and elsewhere, and many more … in short, the role of art education in situating the work artists do.

Some great food for thought here – I’d love to hear your comments  the ideas she presents.



Artists and the Flooding in Calgary

It has been a harrowing time for people in the southern part of the province in which I live.

Many of us have been glued to newsfeeds, facebook, and other media getting the latest information as the events unfolded and the scope of the flooding in Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta became clear.

Now the cleanup has begun – and the impact of all that water is becoming clear, and will be felt for a long time to come.

Thankfully, there has been some incredible work done to coordinate assistance and the long hard job of getting things back to where they were … and one of those initiatives is being facilitated through Calgary Arts Development and Visual Arts Alberta-CARFAC:


VAA-CARFAC has requested that Alberta artists impacted by the recent flooding events to please contact them directly and pass on information. This process is part of an assessment of the impact of the flood on artists in the province, with an eye to coordinating support and assistance. Please see the information HERE>

VAA-CARFAC will be working with Calgary Arts Development, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Partners for Arts + Culture (APAC) and CARFAC National to gather the info, and Calgary Arts Development is coordinating a flood impact plan.

Wishing all the very best to everyone affected by the flooding!!