Well, it’s almost here: the tour for Catalysts is coming next month!

I have had the pleasure and honour of collaborating with poet/musician/photographer/mayhem-maker Catherine Owen for a number of years now, and am delighted to see the fruits of this ongoing labour take yet another form. Catalysts: Confrontations with the Muse is a collection of essays and prose memoirs, published this spring by Wolsak & Wynn … and most happily for me, the two of us have co-written an essay included in this collection of her work!

“Engaging Space: Collaborations on the Berm with Sydney Lancaster” is a collaborative essay discussing our several-years work (and ongoing process with) the Archives of Absence Project that Catherine and I officially launched April 2011 at the Edmonton Poetry Festival. What makes this all the more exciting for me personally is that visual art from the Archives of Absence project is on the cover of the book. It’s quite amazing to see all these intersections  play out tangibly … to see the very real connections between the writing and the art come together in new ways.

The cover of the new book, showing a series of gel transfer prints I created from photographs taken by both of us for Archives of Absence

I’m also extremely excited about the upcoming tour for this book. We will be launching Catalysts in Edmonton AB at Latitude 53 on April 15, and then it’s ‘leaving on a jet plane’ time a couple of weeks later, to join the fray in Toronto and Hamilton!

Catalysts tour dates look like this so far:

April 15th – Edmonton @ Latitude 53 (10248 – 106 St) w/ Mark McCawley & musician Dale Ladouceur w/special appearance/reading/visuals by Sydney Lancaster

May 1st – Toronto @ the Magpie (831 Dundas Street W) with Oana A, Paul Vermeersch and Moez Surani. Catherine will be reading solo, and  we will read together as well, excerpts from our co-written essay.

May 2nd -Toronto @ Pivot Reading Series at The Press Club (850 Dundas Street W.) Catherine Owen with Gabe Foreman, Steven Price & Claire Tacon. Sydney Lancaster in attendance.

May 3rd – Hamilton @ Victoria Park/The Staircase Theatre! With John Terpstra as well as TO authors listed above!

May 5th – St Catharines w/Gregory Betts

May 8th – Ottawa @Tree with guests

May 17th – Vancouver @Robson Reading Series with Waubgeshig Rice (Midnight Sweatlodge)

May 25th – Victoria @ Planet Earth with guests.

All in all, a good way to greet the Spring – with the birthing of new projects into the world.

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