Rich food for thought here, for those of us in the creative communities on Treaty 6 and 7 territory (and everywhere else). – I highly recommend listening to the speakers as well. My deep thanks to Cheyanne Turions for posting this.

cheyanne turions

This past fall I travelled to New York to be part of the Vera List Center’s Indigenous New York, Curatorially Speaking. Organized in two parts—a closed curatorial colloquium followed by a public forum—the event focused on four key inquiries: Indigenous and non-Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies; the non-colonial museum; the challenges of collaborative curation; and the growing Indigenization of international art.

In partnership with Trista Mallory (an instructor for Curatorial Studies at the Whitney Museum’s Independent Study Program), her and I were tasked with facilitating conversations about Indigenous and non-Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies. In presenting a summary of the intimate conversations at the public forum, we decided to share specific strategies that people had used in these kinds of cross-cultural translations. Here are some of the tactics that were shared with us (and presented at the forum with consent):

  • It was repeatedly emphasized that conversations around how to negotiate between…

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