New Studio, Part II

Been a hectic couple of months.

Getting settled slowly back into life out West, back at work, setting up the studio, and getting some work done in there as well.

I’ve been working on a series of small work for Love, Me in Halifax … this little series is all revolving around keys, and their symbolic significance and all the cultural resonances they have. Quite fun, and I may continue in this vein for a little bit – I’d like to explore some more interactive ideas employing the keys too.  I really like the idea of making work that people can engage with directly.

More on this later – with pics of the work going East!  *If you’re in Halifax, you will be able to see the work up close and personal at Love, Me next month some time.

Now … as promised: pics from the new studio!

… some of the interesting bits of stuff I’ve acquired here, and brought back from Nova Scotia. This should keep me busy for a while!

To give you an idea of the scale of my collecting “habit,” here’s a shot of the entire shelf of stuff:

A little bit of everything here! Driftwood, bark, animal bones, rusty metal things (of course!) from various places, including the docks and hte railway lines near Halifax harbour, oil lamps (also rusty) … gears and cogs of various types. net, wire, dried kelp, other sea bits, shells, loads of feathers … various ephemera.  All treats to my eyes.

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