Interview on Arts East

For those of you who might be interested in some of the story behind Boundary|Time|Surface, the sculptural installation I did this summer in Newfoundland:

I recently did an interview with Michelle Brunet from Arts East on the project and on my practice in more general terms. It’s just been posted on the Arts East blog, and you can find it HERE>.

I am working on pulling together a static page for this project, and if all goes well, it will see the light of day in the next few days. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

In the mean time – a few more images from Newfoundland, and Boundary|Time|Surface. I miss this magical place already.

Looking out from the shore at Green Point, June 22 2014. Image courtesy ME Cooke.
Looking out from the shore at Green Point, June 22 2014. Image courtesy ME Cooke.
Boundary|Time|Surface, June 22 2014. Tide beginning to rise. Image Courtesy ME Cooke.
Sunset, June 22 2014 at Green Point.
Sunset, June 22 2014 at Green Point.


On the Road, and an interview …

It’s been a tremendous, and tremendously busy time the last couple of weeks. Said my (hopefully temporary) goodbyes to Gros Morne and the lovely people of Woody Point NL, spent a very fast couple of days in Halifax, and then was off to my next adventure – the Red Rabbit Intertidal Intensive – on the Bay of Fundy, at Thomas Cove.

Much more on that amazing experience shortly, in a future post.

Then back to Halifax for a couple of days … and now I am in the no-place that is the airport, waiting for my flight back west to Edmonton. It feels like a very long time since I’ve been in my Prairie home. I expect I will be dealing with a good bit of ‘culture shock’ for at least a few days after my landing; essentially, I have been living in rural/semi-wilderness environments for the last six weeks. Not looking forward to the noise and the traffic, and crossing the street as an extreme sport. It will be good to sleep in my own bed again, and wake up to those enormous Alberta skies again, though.

But in the mean time, I wanted to say one more “‘bye for now!” to Newfoundland, and pass on a nice little interview I did, that was just posted to Creative Gros Morne. IMG_6841 It was lovely to read Evie’s article – it brought me back to sitting in the Residency house and chatting with her, to what Bonne Bay looked like that morning … And to the head cold I had! I’m amazed Evangeline got anything coherent from me at all!  Still – good memories of a remarkable experience.



Final Artist Talk

Time has passed SO quickly – and been so full of things to do and see and make.

Took a couple of days to decompress after the installation of Boundary|Time|Surface at Green Point; saw more of the park, took some fabulous hikes.

I’ve also been spending some time in the studio, starting to work on (and work out) what I will be developing from this project, and also getting back on the rocks and trying out a few things that I hope will bear creative fruit at some point.

I’m still hoping to make some more small works out at Green Point in the next good low-tide window – but as always with this project, the weather and tide have the final say. It looks like we might be in for some stormy weather, right when the tide window is best … but I’m not giving up just yet!

In the mean time … I will be presenting the final talk for my residency this Friday, July 4.

Details below:

Final GMNP Talk Poster

I’ll be posting excerpts of some video and more images here soon – just need to finish reviewing the images and video I have already. SO. MUCH. VIDEO. SO. MANY. IMAGES.

What a marvelous adventure this is, and has been so far!

A Little Break after a Busy Few Days


Finished off the week with lots going on – did an interview with CBC Radio Corner Brook on Thursday morning*, and then spent the afternoon and early evening at Green Point, hauling and placing rocks out on the wave-cut platform in preparation for the installation.

*(The radio spot aired on Friday morning, but I missed the broadcast, as I had my head down working on the talk for Friday night! I am hoping I can get a link or sound file for it, so I can post it here.)

Had a great time last night at the artist talk, and speaking with people afterward.
A Huge THANK YOU to everyone that attended!

Image Credit: John Waldron

What a turnout! We had 50 people in the audience at Galliott Studios. It was a little overwhelming (in a good way) at first – the people here are so warm and welcoming though, that it was easy to feel among friends.
A couple of special shout-outs are in order: to Rob and Greg from Parks Canada for arranging and setting up the technology and getting signs posted in town promoting the talk, and to Jennifer at Galliott Studios for being such a lovely host.

Image Credit: John Waldron

I had some really great questions after the talk too, and had some people step up right away as volunteers to help us build the work when we do the main installation. A tremendous thing, to feel so supported by a community when I am so very much a newcomer, and ‘from away.’

Had a lovely walk back to the house afterward, complete with a full moon peeking over the hills.

Image Credit: John Waldron
Image Credit: John Waldron

This morning we woke to brilliant blue skies, blazing sun, and a bay so still it looked like a mirror. Again, whales passing through. A very auspicious start to a slower paced day … Taking a little time to catch up on various things, do some writing, relax, and take stock of the ‘what to do next’ list, after a very busy week of long days and work on the rocks.

The view of the bay this morning. Images John Waldron; rough panorama edit by SL

It’s been a good day; productive in a recuperative, quiet way.

This pony lives just down from the house; he seemed glad to see us come by on the way back from the water
This pony lives just down from the house; he seemed glad to see us come by on the way back from the water

And now, a bit more work, then dinner.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Upcoming … A Talk

I will be giving an artist’s talk on my residency project, Boundary|Time| Surface, on Friday, 13 June (YES, Friday the 13th! I was born on Friday the 13th too – so I am going to see it as a lucky omen).

The talk will be hosted at Galliott Studios, a great little cafe/gallery/studio space in Woody Point.

The folks at Creative Gros Morne and Visit Gros Morne have been kind enough to post information about the talk too – THANKS!  Have a look at both web sites – this is a really vibrant community, and I feel very fortunate to spend time here.


Should be a fun evening!


Getting Settled in

We arrived in Woody Point to begin the Residency at Gros Morne Monday afternoon. It’s been a week of getting settled in the house that Parks Canada provides to the artists, setting up the studio, walking in the town and getting familiar with the town, and meeting some people.

Water Street, Woody Point

I am repeatedly struck by the beauty of this place. It’s got well under my skin already, and I don’t think I will ever forget just how special it is, or how lucky I am to be able to spend time here.


Have been blessed with vistas of glass-smooth water, mist, almost-daily visits of whales  (probably Minke) … Gulls wheeling and settling by turns, in search of a meal … Big crows, everywhere, pontificating from treetops, fence posts, roof tops … Goldfinches at the feeder outside the kitchen window; the most brilliant yellow plumage I have ever seen.

there’s a whale spout marked by a red circle, middle of the bay …

Just under a week here, and I am already so full.

The Tablelands
The Tablelands