Oddment #13

There’s a fair bit of debate (in some circles) about the value and validity of street art/graffiti.

Personally, I would much rather look at street art (I make the distinction between this and tagging) than a blank concrete wall or a bleak alleyway.  These pieces are (to me) delightful surprises – moments of beauty or whimsy or weirdness that I often find thought-provoking … or at the very least, they bring a bit of colour to an otherwise drab urban space.

Found this little gem in Montreal (there will be more to come from other places):

mummyfaceI would encourage you to read a recent article here, about how attitudes to street art (or urban art, if you prefer) are changing … at least a bit … in one city.

Happy Friday!

Oddment #10

goose under bridge… goosey-gander (sorry, couldn’t resist).

This lovely beast was wheat-pasted under a pedestrian footbridge in Toronto. A little the worse for wear now – mostly form some attempts at its removal – but I think I like it all the more for it.

The image is about 6 feet across, if I remember correctly. Took some time and serious paste to get it on the concrete, and the image itself is really quite beautifully rendered.

One of those moments in a day: meeting an unexpected thing that leaves a smile.

Fall is Coming … Time for some Nesting!

In addition to working away (still) in the studio, I’m preparing to teach a one-day workshop at Harcourt House this Fall, with my friend and fellow artist Stacey Cann.

We will be facilitating the creation and placement of some random acts of art … in particular, the building of nests from repurposed materials and the “bombing” of the downtown area with these little gems. The goal is to have some  real fun working with these beautiful forms, to create little sculptures that say a bit about how each of us conceive of nests – and ideas of home, safety, comfort, and so on – and then share our creations, in the hope that someone will come across them in the future, and pause … perhaps smile, and enjoy the moment the work has prompted.

… another view of the ‘weaver’ nests on the Annex …

The details are:

NEST BUILD & BOMB WORKSHOP Harcourt House Annex, 10211 – 112 Street Edmonton AB

September 8th,  9am – 4pm


9 am – noon – Nest Building

1 pm – 4 pm – Nest Bombing

Cost: $110 ($80 members)

Supplies included. Individual student supplies may cost up to 15.00 (depending on personal choice). (Please call for more information on supplies and where to purchase them.)

See the Harcourt House website for contact information, and to register!!

Hope to see you there!! (Please note: if registrations are low, the workshop will not run … hint, hint :) )