I’ve been so immersed in work lately, that it’s good to have a reminder that it is indeed SPRING … The simple exuberance of those first bright green buds on the trees, the enthusiastic (and sometimes frantic) birdsong from the bushes … makes me want to be outside much, much more than I am currently… Read More

McMurray Musings

Originally posted on Sarah Beck:
I have just come across a very thoughtful blog post about igNIGHT and my newest work The Light. Check it out on McMurray Musings. The Light remains on view in Jubilee Plaza in Fort McMurray until all the lights burn out. ?

Oddment #13

There’s a fair bit of debate (in some circles) about the value and validity of street art/graffiti. Personally, I would much rather look at street art (I make the distinction between this and tagging) than a blank concrete wall or a bleak alleyway.  These pieces are (to me) delightful surprises – moments of beauty or… Read More

Oddment #9

Sometimes, life presents little moments of delight; if for no other reason than to remind us to really look, to pay attention to the details – because that’s where wonder lies. When I was working on some components for the sculpture I am doing for the Silver Skate Festival, I came across this little delight:… Read More

Fires of Fear, Part 2

This past Sunday at the Silver Skate Festival was the second day of the “Fires of Fear” sculpture event. This day was devoted to the creation of a collaborative work – one sculpture, made by all of us, to be committed to the flames on the Sunday night. The day’s work was quite a bit… Read More

Fires of Fear

Had an absolutely tremendous time at the Silver Skate Festival this past weekend! Wonderful bunch of other artists to work with, and the festival itself is really quite an event – a great blend of sport and cultural events (there are events going on this week too, culminating in weekend celebrations and closing). My thanks… Read More

Anticipation …

I went down to the Silver Skate Festival site this afternoon, to check out how things were developing, and to see where the fire sculptures are going to be made Saturday and Sunday. I think it’s going to be a fantastic weekend! There are some beautiful snow sculptures on site already, and there were artists… Read More

Launch of Dirt City Dream City Project

I am really looking forward to the launch of this project – from the looks of what’s been posted in the last while at the project website, there’s some great food for thought and discussion in the work being developed. I’m hoping to be able to catch Kendal Henry’s talk on the Saturday as well,… Read More