Artist Books, Bound for Glory …

I’ve had a lovely invitation.

There’s an exhibition of handmade, artists’, and altered books opening next week at the Nina Haggerty Centre here in Edmonton, and NEST {types} will be part of the show.

I’m really delighted that the book will be in this exhibition!

… I have a serious weak spot for work of this nature, and always have. There’s something so satisfying about the sensual experiencing of books as objects; it’s all about the small things that make them so special. The feel and smell of a particular paper, the textures and colours of the materials used to bind it and ornament it. Altered and artists’ books are even more fascinating to me: individual rabbit holes of making and re-visioning an object that has (up until recently) been a large & fundamental part of our lives.

And perhaps that’s the other thing that makes work like this – and working like this, in this form in particular – so interesting and satisfying to me. The idea of the book, and it’s reality as a ‘given thing’ in our world is much less ‘given’ than it was even 10 years ago, particularly in Canada. Small independent presses are closing, independent bookstores are closing … and with them, places where works like this that explore conveying ideas in some unique way can have a platform.  But – and this is an important ‘but’ – there are still many place and people who appreciate the artistry that goes into books of all kinds.

And that, to me, is a happy thing!

Books make us stop for a moment – slow down – foster sensory input in different ways. Books are tactile, olfactory, visual … sensual delights that reward us over and over again if we take but a moment to unplug and slow down, just a little.

So, if you’re in the Edmonton, Alberta area – pop by the Nina Haggerty Centre (a great organization that does great things for the community in Edmonton) to see Bound for Glory, and NEST {types} … and enjoy a moment or two with all the books in the exhibition.


There’s some great fun coming up this weekend in Edmonton … several of the non-profit arts organizations in the city are teaming up for a day and an evening of art-and-community-making.


Saturday, July 21

Workshops & Drop-Ins: 12:00 – 5:00pm 
at Harcourt House, SNAP, FAVA, and the Nina Haggerty Centre

After Party: 6:00 – 10:00pm at Harcourt House

Illuminate offers lots of opportunities to participate in a range of FREE art-making events. Everyone is encouraged to come and explore their own creativity and help to foster and nurture the local arts community.


Harcourt House will be offering life drawing sessions, paper bag lantern workshops and the opportunity to add to a collaborative wall mural within the gallery space. 3rd Floor, 10215 112 Street,

FAVA (the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta) will be hosting a scratch animation workshop. Paint, draw and scratch on film with your own two hands, and be surprised and delighted when you run your film through a projector. Harcourt House Annex Building, 10211- 112 Street.

At SNAP’s printshop,  you can learn how to create your own candle lanterns with custom-made silkscreen images. Learn the ins and outs of the screen-printing process and become acquainted with the beauty of printmaking. 12056 – Jasper Ave.

The Nina Haggerty Centre will be creating collaborative lanterns using stencils and other various drawing techniques. Learn new drawing techniques and realize them within illuminating lantern format! 9225 – 118 Ave.

From each location, you’ll receive a ticket stub to be submitted into a drawPrizes will be based off of how many events you attended so swing by all the centers and make some illuminating art!

AFTER-PARTY at Harcourt House from 6pm – 10pm where there will ample amounts of food, drink, live music from Philip Daniel, Jordan Blackburn, and Susan Winters, the prize draw, and (of course) lights!

It looks like it’s going to be a really fun time – looking forward to it!