Images: Exhibition Opening, YORK

I’ve had a couple of days to decompress from the busy-ness of installing YORK, doing some interviews with the press, and the Opening Reception on Thursday night.

Still feels a little unreal, but to make it more concrete – I thought I’d post some images* from the Opening …

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(*my thanks to John Waldron for taking these)

There was an amazing turnout on Thursday night – lovely to see so many people! And no surprise, since there was so much art to see – two more exhibitions opened in addition to YORK: Megan Morman’s Art Party in the main gallery, and work by Meghan Rose Mehler in the Community Gallery, as part of the summer Incubator Series at Latitude 53.

A good night – and it felt really good to see the project out of the studio. A chance, finally, to step back from the work (literally) and see how the pieces fit together, at least in a preliminary sense. We made a LOT of work over the last 6 months … the work in this exhibition is less than half the total … so this really is a first – and preliminary – look at how the pieces all fit.

But for all of that – I’m pretty happy with it.

The final countdown to YORK opening … and feeling so grateful

Well Hello!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here – and predictably, my excuse has been simply running out of day on a regular basis.

That being said – I am happy to be posting here tonight for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that doing so means I have a moment to catch my breath a bit from the past month’s shenanigans … which in turn means that YORK is about to open!

York Invite Web

I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s opening – I had a moment tonight when it really finally HIT ME that the opening was tomorrow. That the last few months’ work was coming to fruition. Feels good to have this touchstone. It seems at once a solid, fixed point – a closure and a beginning, both.

It’s been a fairly hectic few days in the final lead up – I got back from a trip to Newfoundland on the 18th, and hit the ground running! Working at home and in the studio on last-minute tweaks, and at Latitude 53 all day Monday and Tuesday to get the install done and finished. Everything went well over all – there’s always a few curve balls and glitches – but in the end, I think we are in good shape.

I can’t imagine what installing this show would have been like without help … which is the other reason I am very happy to be writing tonight and getting this post out.  I wanted to express my gratitude to several people who have been great help and support. First, to my friend and collaborator, Marian Switzer, for all her hard work, insight, feedback, thoughtfulness, and all of the times we laughed so hard in the studio while we were getting the work done. It’s been a great experience making this project with you.

To Sara McKarney, Zach Hoskin, Adriean Koleric (the best install crew!) thank you so much for all the help you gave us during the installation!

And thanks of course to Todd and everyone at Latitude 53, but especially to Laura Porter, for spending hours and hours on a very tall ladder, and being so conscientious (and endlessly patient).

There are TWO other exhibitions opening tomorrow at Latitude that people shouldn’t miss:  Megan Morman‘s Art Party in the Main Gallery (totally fun!), and a series of really great, quirky paintings by Meagan Rose Mehler in the Community Gallery for Latitude 53’s Incubator series.

Ya gotta come down and see it all!