Photos of EGG and Make:Believe, phase 2

As promised – photos of the teo projects discussed at length in my previous post!

Also – have inserted a few images in the previous post, to illustrate what I was on about a little more clearly.


First – two more pictures of EGG, in its final home:

EGG, resting on its bed – showing some of the internal structure

View of EGG facing the dugout

More views of Make:Believe, showing the recent construction:

Another view of the second structure, on the edge of the grove

A view of the second structure, taken facing into the property from close to the road

Another shot of the third structure; the trees to the left may supply a second ‘wall’ in another year or two.

Two views of the connecting tunnel/path structures – the upper image is taken from within the center of a branching path, and the lower image is a long view taken from one end of the main path which joins the fist and third structures in the grove.

I am hoping to make at least one visit to Make:Believe this winter, after the snow flies. Whilst I am less than enthusiastic about the coming cold, I am eager to see what these structures will look like covered in snow!