I have recently participated in the mail art project Journey of a Photograph … and have just sent my contribution out into the world, via the post, and on to the blog for the project.

Have a peek at my post here:



Enjoy …


The Journey Continues …

It took a while to get here.

It was a long way to come though – all the way from South Africa.


I’d read about it, thought about it, wondered what I’d do when I got it, wondered what was inside.


… and then I had it in my hands. Brought it home from the post office.

This package has been all over the world, through many hands, borders, countries, across oceans … and now, here it is, on the Canadian Prairie. And like all wonderful and well-travelled things (and people), this package shows its adventures on its skin. I’ve been places, it says … I’ve seen things and met people.


I felt like a little kid, anticipating a birthday gift or a treasure from under the yuletide tree … what would I find? Like Alice, I didn’t know what to expect, but was tantalized: “open this end” …

So I did. Carefully …


And such a delightful array of things I found there. Images of movement, fleeting glimpses of  places and passages. Ticket stubs for trips taken. Maps. Leaves – among them, a four leafed clover for luck on these travels.

Day Rover, 2nd Class.

Hokianga Vehicle Ferry.

Ho Chi Minh Museum.

From A to B … this Journey of a Photograph will continue  in a little while, with my additions.

My thanks to Emily at searching to see for letting me be a part of this process.