Wigged Out

I’ve only just begun to wend my way through the photos and video I shot while I was in Vienna last month.

I came across these little gems this afternoon, and thought it would be fun to pass them on … good for a giggle I think.

First up, a video I shot while out sightseeing on my last day in Vienna. Mid afternoon, on the Graben in the heart of Vienna.

As if that wasn’t … interesting … enough, the powdered wig crew wound up right behind us going into the subway:



… Sadly, they were going in the opposite direction from us. I feel that it would have been a hilarious train ride, so I’m sorry we weren’t heading the same way.

I’ll continue to post more tidbits from the trip over the next while, but for now, I’ll leave you with these.

Enjoy, and I hope you all have a good week! (keep dancing, it helps!)