Signs and mirrors, signs as mirrors

There’s a seasonal fund raiser happening at Latitude 53 on November 24th; it’s the last event in the artist-run centre’s current location, before they make the move to new and better (!) digs in 2013. I am a wee bit nostalgic about this space … I worked in administration and development there 2007 – 2010,… Read More


I am very excited about an exhibition coming up in Edmonton this weekend, curated by the fast & dirty collective: I will have two pieces in this moving/movable art feast: I have the entire bottom drawer of Kristen Hutchinson’s dresser, and I’ve also contributed a little curiosity to a collaborative installation in the bottom drawer… Read More

The Love Affair, Else-where Part I: People and Things

I have always been fascinated by the relationship of people to things … . Or more correctly my fascination lies with the way people relate to things: to objects in the world, places and spaces. We invest so much meaning in the things around us, and develop large and elaborate webs of connection between us-and-things,… Read More

Nesting and building nests

Poet Louise Gluck sums up the the complex simplicity of  birds’  nest building activities so well.In her poem ‘Nests”, she writes: It took what there was: the available material. I am discovering just how much that particular approach informs my practice overall – and for this body of work, particularly so. Part of what I… Read More


I have been contemplating the relationship I have to things – objects, that is. This in part because of several conversations I have had with various people lately, some of them questioning my desire for –  and collecting of – what amounts to garbage. I am drawn to collect various cast-offs to the point of… Read More