Artists and the Flooding in Calgary

It has been a harrowing time for people in the southern part of the province in which I live.

Many of us have been glued to newsfeeds, facebook, and other media getting the latest information as the events unfolded and the scope of the flooding in Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta became clear.

Now the cleanup has begun – and the impact of all that water is becoming clear, and will be felt for a long time to come.

Thankfully, there has been some incredible work done to coordinate assistance and the long hard job of getting things back to where they were … and one of those initiatives is being facilitated through Calgary Arts Development and Visual Arts Alberta-CARFAC:


VAA-CARFAC has requested that Alberta artists impacted by the recent flooding events to please contact them directly and pass on information. This process is part of an assessment of the impact of the flood on artists in the province, with an eye to coordinating support and assistance. Please see the information HERE>

VAA-CARFAC will be working with Calgary Arts Development, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Partners for Arts + Culture (APAC) and CARFAC National to gather the info, and Calgary Arts Development is coordinating a flood impact plan.

Wishing all the very best to everyone affected by the flooding!!

Oddment #3

Oddment #3 comes from downtown Calgary AB – a public art installation outside The Bow Building.

It’s a striking piece of architecture, and the work chosen for it no less so.


I took this shot from inside the sculpture – there are two doors at the base of the work that allow people to walk right through it.

An interesting perspective on the downtown skyline, and the seemingly constant construction of office towers in the core of that city.

… On the Road Again …

I’m of to Calgary AB for a few days this week … wearing my ‘other art hat,’ as an advocate for visual artists here in Alberta and elsewhere.

I am heading south as part of a group of people involved with Visual Arts Alberta/CARFAC. We are going to be attending several events and meetings from Thursday through Saturday:


On Saturday April 6, I’ll be at two events.

In the morning, VAA/CARFAC is co-hosting an event with Calgary Arts Development: we will be with the Arts Plan Team

at the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary, upper level (Suite 104, 800 Macleod Tr. SE) from 9:30am – 11:30am.

This session is geared towards those interested specifically in the Visual Arts, to learn more about Calgary’s Arts Plan and what it means for the city. If you’d like to attend, RSVP to

AND … later that day, you’ll find me at ACAD!

I will be presenting a Professional Development talk at 2 pm …

Lancaster in Calgary poster_final


I am hoping to meet lots of Calgary-based artists – there’s not nearly as much communication between the artists in the province, and I for one fell like that has to change!

Off to finish packing and prepping!