Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to create work for specific events and locales. These works are in many respects an extension of some of the concerns explored in my mixed media-found object pieces. Where the wall-based work dealt with layers of narrative, history, and memory through the literal accretion of materials, the site-based installations took those ideas and situated them in physical space, and linked the work in a variety of ways to its location, its place in space and time. My preference in making this type of work is always to limit myself as much as possible to the available materials – with what I find on site – and allow the specifics of the place to guide my choices and the direction the work takes overall.

A different sort of archive, and a way to explore the myriad connections between memory & objects & place.

Each project has its own page linked below (click on the images); more will be added as opportunities to create more work of this nature arise.






Logs marking a fault in the beds



How I spent my Summer Vacation ...
a structure in the Make:Believe complex …


compass rose in tidal pool


shot along the installation from the cliff, showing the curve in the line and displacement of stones by the tide, September 1 2013





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