Macromareal approaches the tidal range in the Bay of Fundy and its documentation in tide tables through a series of interrelated works that explore ways of understanding natural processes, and our relationship to those processes as perceived through different scales of time. By extension, Macromareal draws attention to the intersection of human activities, time and the tidal environment: the cyclic and durational aspect of work on or near tidal waters, and the ways humans have sought to understand, catalogue, and harness the power of the world’s highest tides.

This is a collaborative project with composer and sound artist Scott Smallwood.

We will be Artists in Residence – with Fellowships in our respective fields of practice –  at Main & Station in Parrsboro, NS for the creation of this work.

Scott Smallwood has received the 2017 2017 Henning Bauer Fellowship for Music & Sound Art, and I have received the 2017 Esther Hageman Fellowship for Sculpture & Land Art.

We are grateful to Main & Station, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the University of Alberta for their support of this work.


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