This piece was a transitory public art project created for the “Fires of Fear” sculpture exhibition at the Silver Skate Winter Festival in Edmonton in February 2013.  Several local artists participated in this event, which was a component of the cultural programming for the week-long festival. Each artist was given a set package of materials to work with, and had to complete a sculpture in roughly 8 hours – which was then burned that night, at a public event.

The “Fires of Fear” sculptures were thematically connected to a storytelling/folktale/theatrical performance event which culminated in the burning of effigies we had created – each of which was to depict something we “villagers” feared and sought to banish from our home, the “Village of Comfort”.

While far less tied to the specific site than EGG or Make:Believe, the Fear Nest did connect directly to them both in a variety of ways: the materials, the general form of the work, the connection to transformation and ritual, the references to enclosure/security/nurturance.  This piece was also a direct offshoot to the body of work I created in 2012 as Artist in Residence at Harcourt House Artist-Run Centre.

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It was a fun and challenging weekend of making – dealing with time limits and limited materials really forced us all to consider each step in the execution of these pieces carefully.