Chaotic Bodies and RUCKUS

Chaotic Bodies is a series of works derived from photographic and video documentation of RUCKUS, a work-in-progress choreographed by Anastasia Maywood, Krista Posnyiuk, and Alison Kause. My goal with Chaotic Bodies is to explore the visual echoes of my engagement with the dancers and the choreography, with their bodies in space, and their responses through… Read More


Macromareal approaches the tidal range in the Bay of Fundy, its documentation, and related environmental data through a series of interrelated works that explore the cyclic and durational aspect of natural processes, and the relationship between those processes, human activities, and conceptions of time and memory. This is a collaborative project that has developed over two Artist’s… Read More


Boundary|Time|Surface was a site-specific ephemeral sculptural installation that took as its basis the internationally recognized designation of the geological boundary between the Cambrian and Ordovician periods at Green Point, Newfoundland.     Just as individuals speak colloquially of  “crossing the line” or “drawing a line in the sand”  or even “invading our personal space” to mark various limits (and… Read More


YORK is a collaboratively-created body of work that considers notions of privacy, permanence, and intimacy. I have the pleasure of working with Edmonton-based photographer and painter Marian Switzer on this project. Our exploration of the York Hotel’s rooms and the objects in the space draws on our shared concern with the use of objects and images to examine… Read More

21st Century Nesting Practices & NEST

  21st Century Nesting Practices has developed over a five-year period (2012 – 2017), including a one-year Residency and solo exhibition at Harcourt House Artist-Run Centre in Edmonton, and further exhibitions at Fleishman Gallery, Toronto, in ‘At Odds’ at Art Gallery of St. Albert, and as part of ‘Elsewhere’ at Gallery @ 501 in Sherwood Park… Read More


Make=Believe Make=Believe is an ongoing project, begun in 2011. I foresee my engagement with this project lasting several years (maybe many, depending on how it all evolves). This work was conceived as a series of living structures of various sizes, made from shrubs and trees already growing on site; whatever plants are used at any stage are native… Read More

Archives of Absence

  Welcome to the world of the Berm In the Summer of 2006, poet Catherine Owen moved to a house in Millwoods, a suburb in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She thought it had a park at the back, but it turned out to be a berm – a hill designed to separate her neighbourhood from the sounds… Read More