As a multidisciplinary artist, I find myself dipping into my “tool kit” and using a variety of materials and media. This is a strategy that works for me; I can say things in different ways with each tool/method of working … or at the very least, come at the same ideas from different angles or vantage points.

Here, in this place, you will find links to projects which have their basis in photographic documents; there will be work here in other media of one sort or another as well, as befits the needs of the specific body of work. (click on an image to go to the portfolio for the project)

LANCASTER sallyann_bedYORK

   is predominately photo-based work, but includes installation and some cast/sculptural components.

NEST/21st Century Nesting Practices

 includes – in addition to over 360 gel-transfer works based in my original photos – drawings, a bookwork with block prints, video, digital    works, sculpture, and sculptural installation.

Archives of Absence
Archives of Absence

 includes photo-based gel transfer work on canvas and wood panel, found object sculptural work, and video.

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