Oddment #10

goose under bridge… goosey-gander (sorry, couldn’t resist).

This lovely beast was wheat-pasted under a pedestrian footbridge in Toronto. A little the worse for wear now – mostly form some attempts at its removal – but I think I like it all the more for it.

The image is about 6 feet across, if I remember correctly. Took some time and serious paste to get it on the concrete, and the image itself is really quite beautifully rendered.

One of those moments in a day: meeting an unexpected thing that leaves a smile.

Oddment #9

Sometimes, life presents little moments of delight; if for no other reason than to remind us to really look, to pay attention to the details – because that’s where wonder lies.

When I was working on some components for the sculpture I am doing for the Silver Skate Festival, I came across this little delight:


I didn’t alter the rings in any way – this is what I saw when I cut into the branch of Caragana.

Left me smiling for the rest of the day – and I hope it does for you, too.

Oddment #6

I’ve been pondering our collective love affair (and reliance on) machines and technology of all types lately. Perhaps this is because I am feeling my practice is increasingly made up of two distinct approaches to the act of making: one is decidedly low-tech (just me, simple materials, and maybe a few simple hand tools), and one is not (digital photography & video, gel transfer work, large format printing … all reliant on computers, internet, etc). Each has their own role/utility in what I want to do, to be sure, but each way of doing also satisfies different needs personally.

And then I came across this …

Quite a wonder, to my mind. And satisfying on so many levels: auditory, tactile, visual … not to mention the incredible skill & craftsmanship that has gone into realizing this magical thing.

Quite the opposite in some respects to the work I posted last in Oddment #5 … but the thread is there: how humans relate to machines and technology, and how we use them.

I hope you enjoy this too!

Oddment # 5

A delightful little video called “Lost & Found” about an installation artist/sculptor/mad scientist named Blair Somerville …

Lost & Found TITLE

Have a peek HERE

I have always had a soft spot for things like Rube Goldberg machines, automata and such like, and this work really makes me happy. I am quite taken with the way his slightly madcap creative energy translates into three dimensions (and they are all in motion, all at once).  The ultimate in ‘up cycling’ to my mind …


Oddment #3

Oddment #3 comes from downtown Calgary AB – a public art installation outside The Bow Building.

It’s a striking piece of architecture, and the work chosen for it no less so.


I took this shot from inside the sculpture – there are two doors at the base of the work that allow people to walk right through it.

An interesting perspective on the downtown skyline, and the seemingly constant construction of office towers in the core of that city.

Oddments #2

We may have passed the Spring Equinox already, but in my part of the world, it’s still winter. Full on snowstorms, complete with closed highways and multi-car accidents this past week. Oh. And shovelling. So. Much. Shovelling.

Enough to make me want to burn a hole in my credit card and go someplace tropical.

Still, there are some truly beautiful things in all the seemingly endless white out there … the magpies still believe it’s spring, and have been busy gathering twigs and other suitable bits, and putting together this season’s nests.

Saw one hardy bird, fighting the storm, stick firmly wodged in beak – so determined to make that particular stick a part of its home. Those flashes of black in all that white were magical – like someone has splashed ink onto the sky.

And I saw how busy the bird – or another just like it – continued to be after the storm had settled:

... busy, busy ...
… busy, busy …

A good example to follow, perhaps … this diligence in the face of adversity.

A lesson in focus and discipline.

Good timing; Spring really will come, one day – and I want to be able to take the odd break and feel the sun on my skin again.

Oddments: #1

Noun 1. oddment – a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

fag end – the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope
piece of clothpiece of material – a separate part consisting of fabric
2. oddment – something unusual — perhaps worthy of collecting

objectphysical object – a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; “it was full of rackets, balls and other objects”
bric-a-bracknickknackerynicknackwhatnotknickknack – miscellaneous curios
collectablecollectible – things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

I find the world a strange and (sometimes) hilarious place – filled with things that just beg to be photographed.

This is usually the case when I am on the run, walking down the street, or just going about my day – so what I capture is on the fly – often with my phone, but sometimes when I am lucky enough to be out with my camera as well.

I’ve been collecting these images for several years now, and have wondered what to do with them … some have made their way into work. Many will do so in the future, I am sure. Regardless – they sit in their folder on my hard drive, asking to be shared … so I am responding to that, now.

Welcome to “Oddments” :  short posts consisting of images I have gathered in the course of my travels around my home city and elsewhere, that have struck me as funny, odd, absurd, strange, or otherwise noteworthy.  These will be posted periodically, as the images re-cross my path, or new ones get taken and ask to be shared here.

I hope you enjoy them …

Oddment #1
PS – new header Images Credit: John Waldron