X – Camera Talk

Very much looking forward to presenting an informal online talk on December 11 2020, for the X – Camera series, run by Inter-Arts Matrix.

I’ll be speaking on MAKE=BELIEVE, an ongoing site-specific project that has been in development for the last several years. Recently, this project has really taken off in a number of ways; thanks to the support of the Edmonton Arts Council’s Creator’s Reserve Program, I’ve been able to take a deep dive into the project, and have discovered so much more that I want to pursue.

It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to talk about work in progress, and get feedback from a different community of artists, and I’m very grateful to Sheila McMath and Inter-Arts Matrix for the invitation!

Information on the talk and link to register is below:


Hope some of you can join us – it’s free, and everyone is welcome!

One thought on “X – Camera Talk

  1. Hello Sydney – thanks so much for this super webinar today! It was so exciting to be exploring a new area of the planet with you – and yet in some ways it all felt very familiar. Sorry I did not speak out at the time – I had lots to say, but felt a bit weird and ‘foreign’! I will write some of my thoughts to you as soon as possible, when I can find a bit of time. I might even write a post about it too, (I am currently resurrecting my old blog).
    I was particularly interested in your learning from trees – how to live harmoniously with the rest of life. I have been reading Richard Mabey’s ‘Beechcombings’ for about the third time… who tells of how trees have a quite different agenda to the ideas we impose upon them.
    Thanks again – and my thanks to the folks at Inter Arts Matrix. Linda

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