Opening Archived Terrain – Terrain Archivé

Had a lovely time at the Opening Reception for Archived Terrain – Terrain Archivé this past Friday night.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone that came out on a busy evening, with less than ideal weather!

We all had a busy night; lots of lovely conversations, and thoughtful comments. The best way to launch new work into the world.

I was also really happy that the lovely humans that have supported this project from the outset – and on whose land the original living installation sits – were able to attend and see this first foray into taking the MAKE=BELIEVE project into a different context! looking forward to lots of chats and feedback from them on this exhibition!

For those of you who weren’t able to be there last Friday: Archived Terrain – Terrain Archivé is up until 5pm September 29th. Regular hours are NOON – 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays – other times by appointment.

I will be gallery sitting on Sunday, September 23rd, NOON – 5pm, if you want to visit!

Some images of my installation/room below:


  1. roos says:

    It looks amazing, the contrast of the real and the unreal and sand on the floor.


  2. EMILY JAN says:

    congrats darling!!!! it looks flipping amazing, and I wish I could see it in person.

    i’m hoping to make it out to Edmonton sometime this year – well, meaning this school year I guess…before April.

    at work but sending you a big hug from MTL

    xoxoxo e


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    • sydney says:

      Thanks so much, dear! I wish you could see it too – would love your feedback/input on taking it further!! SO excited at the prospect of you coming out here – PLEASE keep me posted!! Big hugs from the YEG!


    • sydney says:

      OH, thanks so much Karen!! The original installation has been a labour of love for several years now, and no end in sight. It’s been a tremendous experience so far, and it’s been great to have the opportunity to try out what I can do to bring the work to a wider audience. Best to you, Always.

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