Animated Nature

I have always ben fascinated by flight, and the movement of birds in general. There’s something rather otherworldly about it (to me) for some reason.

One of the things I would truly love to see in this life is a huge murmuration of starlings. I have seen smaller ‘swarms’ of them once or twice, but nothing even close to this:

I don’t actually know if I’d be overwhelmed by being present for something of this scale – perhaps it would be a little terrifying, actually (cue the Hitchcock moment!) … but I’d love to see it in person nonetheless.

Murmurations, indeed.

For more of this, go to Jan via IJken’s website (he’s got some really amazing work!)


  1. settleandchase says:

    Gorgeous! In Brighton we saw this every year over the old West Pier, amazing at sunset – there’s a vid here of some.. Lovely to “read” you again!

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  2. Joanne says:

    Beautiful. And if you watch closely enough you can actually see designs being done by the birds’ flight – such as a giant bird at one point. Almost like looking at clouds and seeing different items – except this one is in a beautiful ballet of flight. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sydney, if you ever come to Vancouver, we’ll have to go to the Still Creek crow roost. Not as ballet-like as the starlings, more like a raucous black tide — but I always find it very uplifting.


  4. roos says:

    The sound is a bit scary yet brilliant


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