Old Boats Recycled Into Sheds

After working this summer in Parrsboro with Scott Smallwood on a project
that explores the interconnections between the tide, the land, and the human history of the area (which included shipbuilding), these beautiful structures speak volumes to me – about change, and resilience, and different ways of looking at the idea of abundance.

I am also a total sucker for the ways in which these boat-houses help to retain the many generations of work and relationship to the sea in these coastal places.

My thanks to eMorphes for bringing these structures to our collective attention!

4 thoughts on “Old Boats Recycled Into Sheds

    • Aren’t they lovely? I’d love to see some of these in the flesh, so to speak. Interesting how repurposing these objects changes the ‘feel’ of them (at least it does for me!) Glad you like them. IF you haven’t already, it’s worth following eMorphes’ blog … lots of lovely stuff there.

  1. Back west in ~ a week! I feel that conspiring to do another pilgrimage would be a fantastic thing. Not sure how the timing will work, but let’s cross our fingers and see how the year shapes up for both of us! XO

  2. omg that makes me want to buy a piece of land and build one of these…!

    how are you doing? are you back in Edmonton yet or are you still out east?

    Since I’m being terrible about updating my website and have also abandoned my blog entirely, I thought I’d send you these…… the wood is stuff I collected with you out near Parrsboro and Diligent River! Going to make some bigger ones now that I’ve done these smaller experiments……

    Also took the pile of cut knots to the UK with me to have at that works-in-progress exhibition we just did, and people were super drawn to them. Will have to think how I use them in the final show! But it also makes me realize I may need to go back out there and collect more. Definitely not going to happen before the new year, but I might need to make a second pilgrimage out next summer or something…

    hope you’re well, sending a big hug! xo e


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