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  1. Wow I love the sense of time here Sydney..it’s always so fascinating finding small parts of people or a persons life, especially more so now with every day so documented, there’s even more so a sense of peace in finding clues from small, unspecified fragments..

    1. Absolutely! I find myself drawn to all the questions situations like this expose – the how and why and when of human interactions with the landscape. There’s something so satisfying about holding a small, real thing that all the phone pics in the world can’t come close to.

  2. Thank you for this lovely post. I recognize one of the china patterns as Royal Doulton Mikado, or the pottery blue ware called Blue Willow.How the water works on them is moving- they were once clay… glass was sand. Your arrangement of the sherds is beautiful. Thank you. Ruth

    On 20 November 2017 at 11:36, sydney lancaster: hand & eye wrote:

    > sydney posted: “Some simple, beautiful work here. A thoughtful dialogue > with the land, and our impact upon it as part of an ongoing process of > creation …. and destruction. Here, as in all things, we truly do reap > what we sow. Nice to know that occasionally that the pro” >

    1. The work belongs to one of my favourite members of the WordPress community – not mine! I do love the way the familiar and unfamiliar meet in this work, how change and process and interconnection become so evident through these simple genstures.

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