macromareal: a rising tide lifts all boats

Our exhibition is officially open!

Had a lovely time at the opening reception yesterday afternoon; some great conversations with people, and a good turn out! Lovely food too – thanks to Judith at Main & Station!

I was quite struck with the reaction of people to the show: several guests stayed for a long time, just watching and listening. Had several people let me know they were going to come back and sit with the work when they could.

Couldn’t be happier with that. It’s extremely rewarding to hear – and I’m grateful that people took the time to speak with me and comment on the work at length.

A short video walk-through for you here. More images to follow soon!

Hope you enjoy.

5 thoughts on “macromareal: a rising tide lifts all boats

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  4. This is lovely Sydney, fantastic blend with the music, so atmospheric, it oddly takes you away like the sea can, a bit like a dream.

    • Thanks so much – I’m glad you like it! I was certainly hoping that people would respond to the work by slowing down for a bit, and spending time with both the sound and the visuals, and find different ways to understand their relationship to the tide and the human history of the place.

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