Adventure Time!

I’m sitting in the airport, waiting to board … and pondering what the next weeks will bring. I’m off to a residency in Parrsboro Nova Scotia for the next month.

Heading back to Main & Station to work with Scott Smallwood on our Macromareal project! Feels a bit odd, actually – after the year’s worth of planning and thinking – to actually be on the verge of doing.

MainLogo_white back

Excited, and a little nervous, and really really happy and grateful for the opportunity.

Macromareal Poster2-01



5 thoughts on “Adventure Time!

  1. I’m extremely envious of your adventures Sydney! Any room for me in your suitcase?!

    • OH I’d love to squirrel you away in my suitcase for adventures on this side of the Pond! I think you’d really enjoy it. Let me know if you ever venture to the Canadian side of the Atlantic, and maybe we can actually meet in person. That would be lovely!

      • It’s actually been a dream of mine for a long while to visit Canada, maybe one day!! It would be lovely to meet you!

    • Thanks Linda! It’s been a great adventure so far!! Excited about the work I’ve made with Scott, and really looking forward to developing more with all the photos and video I’ve shot.

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