Had a great evening at the Evidence performance on July 27! It was a real treat to hear Stephan and Scott again, and especially so since this was the first-ever in the new Nonesuch Centre for the Performing Arts. It became readily apparent that these two musicians have worked together for some time – but… Read More

A Visitor!

Had a lovely visit from fellow artist Emily Jan! She was in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on a short visiting-friends-and-seeing-new-things holiday, and fortuitously, it worked out that she could come to Parrsboro for a couple of days. We started at Partridge Island and the beach below Ottawa House, and then headed out to First Beach… Read More

Incoming … Upcoming … a concert!

One of the great things about doing this residency is the opportunity to see my collaborator Scott Smallwood in action, both as an sound artist and a composer. So I’m really excited to say that Scott and another of his collaborators, Stephan Moore, will be in Parrsboro on Thursday July 27th to do a performance… Read More

A Few Days In … and it’s great to be back here!

I’ve been getting settled in here the last few days – setting up my workspace, getting tools and materials unpacked, looking at and working with some found objects that have been stored here by my hosts and I over the last year (thanks Harvey & Judith!). I’ve spent a lot of time walking too –… Read More

Adventure Time!

I’m sitting in the airport, waiting to board … and pondering what the next weeks will bring. I’m off to a residency in Parrsboro Nova Scotia for the next month. Heading back to Main & Station to work with Scott Smallwood on our Macromareal project! Feels a bit odd, actually – after the year’s worth… Read More