Maelstrom – Wave Photography by Luke Shadbolt

I have been silent for a while here.

Left speechless and heartsick by world events. Exhausted by hate, lies, and willful ignorance which seems de rigueur.

I need to write about these things – speak what I need to speak – but thus far, I find myself stumbling over words, at odds with logic and sentences and written or verbal expression. Words do, indeed, fail.

So, it is to images I turn, and in that way of things that brings one what is needed in the moment, I came across the gloriously violent images of Luke Shadbolt, reblogged from eMORPHES here.

My thanks to Luke Shadbolt and eMORPHES for the painful beauty that says so much in the closing days of a difficult year.

4 thoughts on “Maelstrom – Wave Photography by Luke Shadbolt

  1. I hope your daughter’s move goes well – and lovely that you have her little dog now. They are great walking companions, and I expect you will make many new discoveries through your new friend’s eyes.
    I find myself far less extreme in my responses to things as they roll out now – more shaking my head than anything:) We are such small-minded stupid animals.
    Best for the New Year to you as well!

  2. I was struck by your phrase ‘wilful ignorance’ , as opposed to ignorance through lack of education or through misunderstanding, or believing faulty data. I don’t know what to say either – I am coming to the conclusion that there is a place for the pure energy of rage, infinitely beyond words, which these images perfectly express.

    • Yes, sadly, I have to agree regarding rage; it is perhaps a catalyst for positive change (one hopes); there are moments when it is difficult to far the exhaustion that sort of energy brings. Difficult not to have moments of helplessness and despair. Still – there is the beauty of this world and images like this that are a balm. Best to you this Season and for the coming year!

      • Thank you – and I am sorry to be so long in responding! Still a lot of domestic upheaval round here! My daughter and grandson are moving to Australia next week, and we are busy helping with 1001 preparations, emptying their house etc. etc.
        I don’t feel any very strong emotions now – they just came, felt somewhat overwhelming for a time… and then just went! I seem to have acquired a little dog (my daughter’s), and am looking forward to taking her to the woods. Also a budgie… Wishing you lots of happiness for this year.

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