I’ve been invited to speak on my work as part of the Visiting Artist series at MacEwan University.  My thanks to MacEwan for hosting me, and to Bruce Montcombroux for the kind invitation!

Make:Believe, in four seasons

I’ll be discussing some of the ideas that have informed recent work, and (some) of the many questions I ponder in presenting work in various locales (galleries, ‘natural’ environments, domesticated landscapes), and how those works and spaces connect (or don’t).

Looking forward very much to hearing what the students have to say, and discussing their questions & ideas with them!


10 thoughts on “Me, Talking about Things

    1. I find they each have very different ‘personalities’ – it’s very interesting to experience the work at different points. The way sound carries, the way the light is filtered – it all changes.

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      1. That IS interesting! I am continually amazed and somewhat awed at how everything in life is in a state of flux and inter-related – including ourselves. I also very much like returning to the same patch of woodland time after time, and discovering hidden subtleties, like in a long-term human relationship.
        Best wishes for the talk – wish I could come!

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    1. The installation has its own personality, I’ve found. It’s very much a conversation that’s developed over the years between the trees, the land, and me. And I’m finding that animals also frequent the spaces and tunnels … so I am working on documenting their time there as well.

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