A Rant for Rick Mercer: The Problem With Gord Downie

Sometimes in this life, we have the rare opportunity to meet someone whose truth-saying, perceptiveness, and wisdom makes everyone around her better. I am deeply thankful for having the opportunity to have met Anna Marie Sewell many years ago, and though we do not see each other or speak often, I have followed her writing, and her blog. Here, she addresses something that has bothered me for quite some time, but that I have been unable to express properly, with the clear-sightedness she has.

I learn a great deal from Anna’s words, and am deeply grateful for them, and for the way in which they expose the blindness of privilege over and over and over again. Thank you. I know I need to peel those layers back and look hard at what they mean to do better, and I would suggest that all of us speaking and acting from a position of privilege would benefit from doing the same, ongoing.
This is process. Truth is process, and is painful in the depth of the unpleasant realities it exposes. I am grateful for it, however difficult.

2 thoughts on “A Rant for Rick Mercer: The Problem With Gord Downie

  1. thanks for posting this link Sydney, hope you are having a great autumn. hugs, Sharon

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    • thanks for reading Sharon! Hope all is well in your world too! All good here, though snowy and has been cold :/ Hope we get to cross paths again at some point!

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