Upcoming Residency and Workshop

I will be heading out to the East Coast soon! I’ve been  accepted to a 2 week Research and Development Residency for a new project in Nova Scotia. I’ll be in Parrsboro, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy for a couple of weeks – excited to be spending some time on this beautiful… Read More

Movement and Attraction

I have been thinking about a series of related concepts/ideas in the last little while … having the luxury of a little time to allow things to percolate through my brain, see where they take me. The swirl of idea(l)s has caught me up in the last 48 hours, and has insinuated itself in the… Read More

On Galleries, and other difficult spaces

And excellent essay from Riva Symko, Writer in Residence at Latitude 53 in Edmonton. http://blog.latitude53.org/post/145013825132/does-art-require-four-white-walls-and-a-concretehttps://secure.assets.tumblr.com/post.js Rivals thoughts come at a particularly opportune moment, as I am heading to the CARFAC National conference and AGM in Montreal.   The problematic nature of the gallery-as-institution has direct implications for the ability of artists to have the opportunity… Read More