Stillness (after the frenzy)

Gathered with family yesterday evening to celebrate the Season; many hours of good conversation, cooking together, and eating. Spent the entire time counting blessings, and losing count over and over. It was a culmination of sorts: a time to put aside the busy-ness of the last many weeks for all of us, to stop for a… Read More

(at least) two cities

I wanted to pass on a link to some great commentary and insights by Rhonda Kronyk,  concerning the myriad changes & recent downtown development here in YEG … and what it means for local people and the agencies who serve them. Check out The Yards – well worth a read! We are at a complicated juncture… Read More


This morning offered a landscape rimed with frost. The mundane and usually overlooked things that surround us, flung into high relief, augmented. A moment in which things as they are become something more  – at least for a little while. Warm enough (just) for pulling gloves off, grabbing the phone and capturing a moment or two. Those chance… Read More