Well, I made it out to Nova Scotia!

Gotta Love the scenery!
… at least it’s green out here (I think?!)

The talk we presented at the Fundy Geological Museum on the Boundary|Time|Surface project went well, and we had a nice group of people in the audience. Good questions and discussion, which is always the best part … the feedback is so much more interesting than just being a ‘talking head’ yammering on about things. (At least it is for me!) My thanks to Tim Fedak, the Director at the Fundy, for organizing this event!

Had a lovely couple of days in Parrsboro, NS too!

It’s a place with a sense of humour ….


We had a little time (not enough!) to explore the town, and meet some lovely people. It’s quite exciting to see what the creative community is doing there – and just how much is going on. Had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Krista Wells and having a lovely poke around the Art Lab cooperative space that she and some other artists have set up on Main Street. DIY projects like this are really exciting, all the more so because they grow organically out of the community itself. I also had a lovely chat with Alan Johnson from Parrsboro Creative, another local initiative with offices just down for Art Lab on Main Street. Parrsboro Creative is tapping the energy and renewal that the arts can bring to communities everywhere, linking interested people to a wide range of learning opportunities, and spearheading an artist relocation program. This is a town that has it’s art on, big time.

Just down Main Street from Art Lab, we discovered these little gems:

Where do those stairs lead? and what’s behind that door!? So much fun.
What to do with that little space between buildings??  magical doorways, of course!
What to do with that little space between buildings?? magical doorways, of course!
A very sensible solution to hiding an empty lot!

We also had the good fortune to discover Main & Station/Nonesuch Cafe, a gorgeous space housed in a retrofitted heritage post office. Judith and Harvey have created a truly cross-disciplinary environment, with so much to offer: a cafe, bookstore, and gallery; a place to listen to learn through talks and workshops, residency opportunities … it’s quite amazing.

This building is gorgeous, and Harvey & Judith have put some serious work into its restoration, and making it into a hub for creativity and education.

Parrsboro is also a deeply beautiful place; the Bay of Fundy was as breathtaking and powerful as ever.

The view from the middle of town; Ship’s Company Theatre on the far right.
Spectacular geology, that reveals the power of the tide at every turn.
Nearly low tide; it’s amazing how fast all that water moves to fill the bay when the tide turns!

Have had a brief stop in Halifax … and next up is Newfoundland! Leaving tomorrow for Deer Lake, and from there to Gros Morne!

The adventure continues!

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