Eastbound Adventures


It took a while to get this far!

I’m at the Edmonton International Airport, waiting to board a flight for Halifax … finally.

Technically, I should have been there already.

Thunderstorms in Calgary and Fog in St John’s put paid to that.

SO I was rebooked … and should have left at 4pm.

But the first leg of that flight was delayed, and I would have missed my Toronto connection.

GOOD THING I CHECKED … because I didn’t get notice of that change!

SO I called. And called. And finally got through …. and had a lovely exchange with a very helpful person, who made this trip possible!


A little less than an hour before I board, and the flight is still showing on time.

And the adventure is just beginning!

I’m heading to Parrsboro for a few days – and giving a talk at the Fundy Geological Museum on the Boundary|Time |Surface project.

Then, I’ll be heading back to Gros Morne National Park, to finish off shooting video and photos, and making some holds of cliff face surfaces, so I can get to work back in the studio on developing the documentation of BTS for exhibition!

Exciting times.

Looking forward to being by the ocean again, and seeing all that magnificent geology.

Image courtesy John Waldron
Image courtesy John Waldron

So much fuel there – for the work, and the spirit.

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