Gros Morne 2.0

I had a great few days out in Gros Morne National Park! It was wonderful to be back there – I hadn’t realized just how much I’d missed the place and the people. It was grand to see people we’d got to know, and visit the places that became our home-away-from-home for several weeks last year.… Read More


Well, I made it out to Nova Scotia! The talk we presented at the Fundy Geological Museum on the Boundary|Time|Surface project went well, and we had a nice group of people in the audience. Good questions and discussion, which is always the best part … the feedback is so much more interesting than just being a… Read More

Eastbound Adventures

Well. It took a while to get this far! I’m at the Edmonton International Airport, waiting to board a flight for Halifax … finally. Technically, I should have been there already. Thunderstorms in Calgary and Fog in St John’s put paid to that. SO I was rebooked … and should have left at 4pm. But… Read More