It seems I’ve become a desk jockey this last while!

I’ve been busy with a number of things that have kept me from the studio, but most of them have concerned getting things written (good thing I got me some “book-larnin’ ” in that department a while ago … never thought the English degree would be so useful!)

To what end have I been chained to my old desk, you ask?


Lancaster in Sherwood ParkLooking forward to presenting this workshop very much.

… and now, back to the planning!


2 thoughts on “Working on a Talk …

  1. Thanks Sharon! I am looking forward to hearing what other peoples’ experience has been. It’s actually been quite fascinating digging around in the digital world … but I really do prefer being OUTSIDE working and playing with rocks and trees and things … :)


  2. good for you! always think we need more of these opportunities to share info with each other- my sugestion- leave time at the end for others to share what has worked for them too… :-) you go girl! hope you can dismount the desk soon… S.

    Sharon Kallis community engaged environmental artist cell: 604-363-0220

    Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 21:46:45 +0000 To:

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