Sculpting with Nails

A quick note today; wanted to pass on some work by artist John Bisbee. I’ve been digging around books lately – a ‘pause and think’ time in anticipation of much more studio work to come. Thinking about things, and about the difference between things and objects, how common things change their meaning and resonance when manipulated in space. They tell different stories: about presence and about absence … and about us. Happy Monday!



While in college, artist John Bisbee was scavenging in an abandoned house looking for items to incorporate into a series of found-object sculptures when he kicked over a bucket of old rusty nails. To his astonishment, the nails had fused together into a bucket-shaped hunk of metal. He had an epiphany. For nearly three decades, Bisbee has welded and forged 12-inch spikes under the mantra, “Only nails, always different.” He shares with American Craft, “A nail, like a line, can and will do almost anything. What can’t you draw with a line? The nail is just my line.”

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  1. sydney says:

    You are most welcome! I found the work inspirational as well.


  2. sharonkallis says:

    yes!! ” how common things change their meaning and resonance when manipulated….” singing my song there- that statement holds enough to mediate on creatively for a lifetime I think.

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  3. Wow. That was some great, inspirational eye-candy to start off my Monday morning with – thanks for sharing this artist’s work, Sydney!

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