Exhibition Tour

Elsewhere has been and gone … took down the exhibition this past Monday. How the time flies past … it seems yesterday (and a long time ago) all at once, that I was preparing and packing the work for this show. It was a great space to work in, and we had fabulous support from… Read More

Working on a Talk …

It seems I’ve become a desk jockey this last while! I’ve been busy with a number of things that have kept me from the studio, but most of them have concerned getting things written (good thing I got me some “book-larnin’ ” in that department a while ago … never thought the English degree would… Read More

Sculpting with Nails

A quick note today; wanted to pass on some work by artist John Bisbee. I’ve been digging around books lately – a ‘pause and think’ time in anticipation of much more studio work to come. Thinking about things, and about the difference between things and objects, how common things change their meaning and resonance when… Read More