2 thoughts on “Art on Consignment

  1. It’s a tough thing, for some reason: getting people to recognize that what artists do is WORK, and that the “product” of their labour is worth treating with respect – and paying for! I think it boils down to “Artist, Be Aware” … so important to understand the differences between a genuine opportunity and the “free art” scenario, to be sure. Funnily enough, I have a great relationship with a local cafe owner (he “gets” it in every way possible) – so I do actually show my work there on occasion. He supports my practice by taking great care of my work, sending his regulars to me and my website, and he and his family (and some of his staff) have all purchased work from me over the years. That particular case was a win-win, and continues to be so … but it’s not often like that.

  2. I have been banging on about this for years – my other favourite is when cafes are ‘generous’ to offer you ‘free’ wall space!! More like free art for their walls!! But yes a new business model is definitely needed – and this article explains it really effectively…. :-) reblogging as well

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