Final Artist Talk

Time has passed SO quickly – and been so full of things to do and see and make.

Took a couple of days to decompress after the installation of Boundary|Time|Surface at Green Point; saw more of the park, took some fabulous hikes.

I’ve also been spending some time in the studio, starting to work on (and work out) what I will be developing from this project, and also getting back on the rocks and trying out a few things that I hope will bear creative fruit at some point.

I’m still hoping to make some more small works out at Green Point in the next good low-tide window – but as always with this project, the weather and tide have the final say. It looks like we might be in for some stormy weather, right when the tide window is best … but I’m not giving up just yet!

In the mean time … I will be presenting the final talk for my residency this Friday, July 4.

Details below:

Final GMNP Talk Poster

I’ll be posting excerpts of some video and more images here soon – just need to finish reviewing the images and video I have already. SO. MUCH. VIDEO. SO. MANY. IMAGES.

What a marvelous adventure this is, and has been so far!

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