Decision Made: We Install Boundary|Time|Surface on SUNDAY June 22, 2014

I have been neurotically watching the weather forecasts the last couple of days, hoping against the odds that the lovely weather we’ve had would return in time for Saturday. And as of a few minutes ago, it looked like this:

weather 1

and this:weather 2

So, no luck for Saturday. BUT – Sunday does look like it will work!

SO, an “executive decision”  has been made:

We are going to create Boundary|Time|Surface at Green Point on SUNDAY JUNE 22 2014!

The basics on how the day will shape up are as follows:

We will be on site from about 9:00 am on.

Volunteers arrive 9:30 – meet at the Parks Canada sign by the beach – look along the beach to the headland; you should see us!

Construction will begin at 10:00 am, and finish before 3:00pm.

I will remain at Green Point with my partner in this adventure, John, to document the tide’s alteration of the sculpture – high tide is at about 9pm, so we will be watching and recording until then.

Results of the day to follow soon!

Wish us luck!

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