To and Fro …

Not sure where the little fellow is going, but he seems happy to be going there!

I find him a little creepy, to be honest, but perhaps even more interesting because of that.

He’s from Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland – the town closest to where I am working at Green Point in Gros Morne National Park.


In this part of the world, it’s often a challenge to get from one place to another; for example, we are staying in Woody Point NL, but I am working on the other side of Bonne Bay. So, that has meant about an hour and 10 minutes drive, one way, to get to the installation site.

Thankfully, that’s changed with the warmer weather!  In the last couple of days, the seasonal water taxi/passenger ferry has started up again – and it cuts the “commute” by about 40 minutes each way!  It’s a short walk to the ferry dock from our house, and then it’s only 15 minutes across the bay to Norris Point. From there, about 20 minutes to Green Point.

Travelling by boat is probably my favourite mode of transportation. I love being on the water; it feels like there’s more room to breathe and think out there. And here, the scenery on the ride over is fantastic:

mistacrossbonne curzon gull tablelands outcrops-norrispt

But maybe one of the most delightful and unexpected bonuses for taking the water taxi is what you can do while you’re waiting to board:


A fantastic end to another good work day on the rocks!

Things are really coming together, and if the weather holds, we will be “all systems go” for the installation on June 21.

Will keep you posted and confirm closer to the day! Getting excited!

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